The Magical Search engine for Terminology


magic searchMagicSearch is a multilingual tool which allows visitors to look-up multiple sources with a single click as well as customizing the sources included in the search and the order they appear in. The sources are dictionaries, corpora, machine translation engines and search engines.

MagicSearch supports over 10.000 language pairs and the list of source definitions is over 17MB of text.

The engine searches in all 24 languages of the European Union, but many other languages are covered quite extensively too, such as Catalan, Russian or Thai. For example, if you search from French into English, there are 28 bilingual sources available as well as 14 (French) monolingual sources. Coverage has also been extended to non-English pairs, where available. For example, if you search from French into German, there are 16 bilingual sources.

MagicSearch is important for terminology

Because translators spend a lot of time researching terminology, Magic Search can help immensely in saving them time and effort. The engine searches in IATE, the terminology database of the European Institutions, but also in TAUS, ProZ, Linguee or Glosbe among others.

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“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it”

Written by Raluca Caranfil
Communication Trainee at TermCoord
Journalist & Student at the University of Luxembourg