Ludwig: a pretty awesome resource for web writers

July 18, 2016 11:48 am

Did you know you can query corpora to craft the perfect Instagram caption?

Writing gives you the power to connect your ideas with people through words: you’re constantly making things happen through the power of written words. The fear of criticism can be a big threat.

In fact, writing new content, whether it’s for a company website, a blog, an Instagram caption or a Tweet is a pain for many. A lot of people experience writer’s block because they don’t want their words (aka their thoughts and ideas) to be rejected or disputed, particularly when they don’t write in their own language.

When you think that this can be overwhelming, technology can be your best friend. An amazing Italian squad has created Ludwig, a pretty awesome resource for web writers that leverages on the explosion of digital content to help us keep up with the surge of online content.


Ludwig can help you to write more confidently by checking your text against a huge database containing texts written by journalists, writers, researchers and other scholars, expanding the amount of reliable sentences to compare with one’s own content.

Running out of ideas for your Instagram caption? You have a perfect pic but you don’t know what to write? Start typing a couple of keywords on Ludwig and use the suggestions to craft a catchy caption.

Look how many funny sentences appear for “geek chic”:


Basically, Ludwig gets quality sentences from reliable sources that can be copied and customized. What’s nicer than learning from other people who write better than us?

Currently Ludwig is a free web resource that everyone can access. In September, a desktop app and a mobile app will be launched, marking a significant improvement in usability.

So sign in, have fun and enjoy writing!

And in case you were wondering which sentence I used for my Instagram caption by using Ludwig, here you are:



Written by Maria Pia Montoro




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