Now you can search all 268 EU Glossaries at once!


We have made the most popular terminology resource provided by TermCoord, the EU Glossaries, more easily accessible by adding the Google Custom Search function.

All glossaries published on the EU websites are now more easily searchable thanks to a Google Custom Search which examines a collection of 268 mono – and multilingual glossaries from the various websites of the European Institutions and Agencies.

Google Custom Search offers huge potential for translators: being a personalised engine, it only searches relevant sites, thus avoiding a lot of noise and being a big timesaver by getting rid of irrelevant search results.

You don’t need to access EU websites one by one to check their reliable terminology anymore, the search result will tell you the glossary in which the relevant term is located.
Since this engine can be customised, we included all EU glossary URLs from, to ensure that it provides only results from those specific glossaries.

The various glossaries available in the EU Bookshop website in PDF, which are not searchable by this search engine, have been downloaded and uploaded on TermCoord’s website. These glossaries cover numerous domains, ranging from gamma spectrometry, fuel cells and education to climate change and fisheries. They can be downloaded for free from our website or examined at your leisure.

The Custom Search is currently just a beta version, a test we are doing to determine how to make it easier to look up terms and leverage such a huge resource. Please do not hesitate to send us your feedback and let us know if you find this solution useful and if you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve it.



Written by Maria Pia Montoro and Maurizio Fusillo