IATE Term of the Week: Euphoria

October 7, 2016 12:49 pm

IATE Term of the Week: Euphoria

As today is Friday and most of us will be having a nice weekend with no work, today’s entry of the IATE Term of the Week is simply euphoria – a basic and obvious notion that everybody would have felt going out of the work on Friday. You have been using it for sure, but do you know what the exact meaning of this word is? How to use it and when? Let’s take a look at what we have found about it.


Euphoria is a term formed from the Ancient Greek εὐφορία which means strength to support. It is a word formed from εὔφορος ‎(eúphoros) “bearing well” with the prefix eu– (which means “good”, “something which is good” + the sufix -ia which means quality.

We have checked the exact meaning of eutaxy in some dictionaries to see if the term is used in the same way in different languages such as English, French, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Polish and Portuguese and this is what we have found:

  • English –> Merriam Webster: a feeling of great happiness and excitement.
  • French –> Larousse: (1) Sensation intense de bien-être, d’optimisme. (2) Sensation intense de bien-être, d’optimisme.
  • Italian –> Garzanti: di euforia: stato euforico | detto di persona, che è in stato di euforia: sentirsi euforico.
  • Spanish –> RAE: (1) Entusiasmo o alegría intensos, con tendencia al optimismo. La euforia de los aficionados. (2) Sensación exagerada de bienestar que se manifiesta como una alegría intensa, no adecuada a la realidad, acompañada de un gran optimismo.
  • Catalan –> GREC: Estat de benestar psíquic i físic caracteritzat per una sensació general de potència física, capacitat d’ideació i receptivitat i per una tendència a la interpretació optimista dels fets. (2) Manifestació exagerada d’alegria, d’optimisme, etc.
  • Polish –> Słownik języka polskiego PWN: (1)«Stan bardzo dobrego samopoczucia i radosnego podniecenia». (2)  «Chorobliwy stan wesołości, pozornie dobrego samopoczucia i nienaturalnie wzmożonej aktywności».
  • Portuguese –> Priberam Dicionário: (1) Sensação fisiológica de bem-estar. (2) Facilidade com que se suporta uma doença ou uma crise que a modifica.

IATE provides us will so many different options:


Contribute to IATE! We (euphorically) ask you to help us and to contribute to IATE! A terminologist for the respective language will revise your answer and decide whether to validate them. Given the implications of the process, a delay is to be expected.


Written by Olga Jeczmyk: Translator-Interpreter, Social Media and Content Manager as well as Communication and Terminology Trainee. Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament in Luxembourg.



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