Sneak peek at TOTh 2017 Formation


On the occasion of the upcoming TOTh 2017 conference in June, we decided to dedicate today’s publication to the training session prior to the event and inform you about its program and goals.

Sneak peek at TOTh2017 Formation

The TOTh 2017 Training Session will focus on The contribution of Ontology to Terminology (in French and in English). It will be held on 6th and 7th June, 2017 at the University Savoie Mont-Blanc (Chambéry, France).

The TOTh training sessions are held during the two previous days to the TOTh Conference and they are aimed at promoting collaboration among language and knowledge professionals. Their objective is to present terminological theories, methods and tools in linguistics and ontology, thus equipping language professionals with a methodological approach for the definition of the concept system, and provide professionals with the indispensable competences for the acquisition of knowledge on linguistic resources.

The training will begin with a review of the pillars of terminology as a scientific discipline, insisting on its dual linguistic and conceptual dimension, so that all participants agree on the same notions. Afterwards, various theories of concept that serve as the foundations of terminology will be introduced to the participants. The emphasis will be on ontology, defined as a “formal” representation of a conceptualisation.

The training session will be divided into the following sections/dimensions:

1. Language dimension
– term;
– onomasiology and semasiology;
– the notion of definition.

2. Conceptual dimension
– concept and relation;
– the notion of definition;
– ontology.

3. Linguistic dimension and conceptual dimension
– ontoterminology;
– principles.

4. Methods and tools
– construction of ontologies;
– exchange formats.

5 . Examples and practical work

You can access the program and supplementary details here.

The responsible persons for the TOTh 2017 training are Christophe Roche and Rute Costa.
The responsible persons for the TOTh 2018 training will be Rute Costa and Christophe Roche.

In 2017, the training will focus on the conceptual dimension of terminology and in 2018 it will focus on the linguistic dimension.

The title of the TOTh 2018 Training Session will be The contribution of Linguistics to Terminology and it will be held on the 5th and 6th June, 2018.

We hope this post helps you discover important information related to the TOTh 2017 conference and, in case you missed it, here is our previous post describing in more detail what TOTh is about: TOTh 2017: a must-go event for all terminologists!

Happy reading and we wish you a nice Thursday!

Katerina PalamiotiTranslator, Social Media and Content Manager, Communication Trainee and Foodie at the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament.


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