#MondayReading: The Bilingual Brain

June 19, 2017 5:19 pm

Enjoy the beginning of the week with our new #MondayReading suggestion: The Bilingual Brain . This book is written by Arturo E. Hernandez and it was published by Oxford University Press, Inc. in 2013.

Monday reading 19.06.2017

The last book on the bilingual brain came out more than 20 years ago and this study covers many advances in the field. According to Oxford University Press:

Hernandez covers new technologies that allow researchers to peer into the intact brain while it is at work. The book also illustrates brain-processes with colorful case studies of impairment and compensation, in language retention. The work also considers new advances in models of language processing and development, brought on by the merging of brain and mind sciences.

Ever wondered about situations of language loss and recovery paradox? How, in case that two languages are stored in a brain, a person can lose one of them, and then recover one back without relearning it?

As cited in the Amazon.com book preview: the traditional models of how a language is represented in the brain suggest that languages can become inaccessible, even though they are not entirely lost. As the author demonstrates through fascinating cases, stress–whether due to foreign language immersion, sleep deprivation, or brain damage–can lead to the apparent loss of one language, but not the other. Arturo Hernandez presents the results of 25 years of research into the factors that might help us to understand how two (or more) languages are stored in one brain.

We hope you find this recommendation interesting! Enjoy this #MondayReading and have a lovely week!

Written by  Katerina PalamiotiTranslator, Social Media and Content Manager, Communication Trainee and Foodie at the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament.

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