#MondayReading: Terminology for Beginners, by Patricia Brenes


We are very happy to share with you today’s #Monday Reading suggestion, since we have the pleasure to present the free e-Book Terminology for Beginners through the words of its own author, the well-known terminologist Patricia Brenes! We hope you find this book interesting!

Monday reading 03.07.2017

In My Own Terms is a blog created with beginners in mind. Beginners just like me. More than three years have passed since I took my first webinars and found out about the ECQA online certification provided by TermNet. Once I had gathered a good amount of basic information, I presented the idea of creating a blog on Terminology to TermNet’s Director, Gabriele Sauberer, and Deputy Director, Blanca Nájera, as my final project.

Starting this adventure was a huge leap of faith, but the more I studied and wrote, the more I realized that people were actually interested, including the experts who had been involved in Terminology for a long time. I knew writing a new book was not an easy task, but I thought that putting together a collection of posts presenting the basic of Terminology would be worth the effort.

Terminology is going strong in Europe and some countries like Canada, but the same cannot be said about other parts of the world. I am sure that if young professionals knew about the benefits of Terminology (beyond the mere preparation of glossaries), we would have more people getting training and participating more actively in the Terminology world. Therefore, the idea behind the blog and the eBook was always to reach out to them and offer a one-shop window for Terminology.

The challenge was to explain Terminology “in my own terms”, because I knew for a fact that having access to the books in most countries was not easy, and even if people had the sources to buy all the Terminology books available in the market, the idea of reading the theory could be somewhat overwhelming and, let’s be honest, a bit scary. So I hope that this eBook will take that fear or anxiety out of Terminology and that more and more language lovers start becoming Terminology lovers as well.

You can access this e-Book from Patricia Brenes’ blog and also from TermCoord’s website. You might also be interested in reading our interview with Patricia Brenes!


Written by Patricia Brenes. Patricia Brenes works for an international organization in Washington, D.C. and is author of the blog “In My Own Terms: Terminology for Beginners and Beyond”. She has a Master’s degree in Specialized Translation by Universitat de Vic in Barcelona and is a ECQA certified Terminology Manager by TermNet (Austria). During the three years of existence, In My Own Terms has ranked among the 25 top professional language blogs, even reaching 5th place for two consecutive years and 11th place in 2017.

Post edited by Doris Fernandes del Pozo – Journalist, Translator-Interpreter and Communication Trainee at the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament.