FIT Conference in Brisbane, Australia (2017)



Every three years, the federations of professional translators of all countries meet in the FIT Congress. This year, the International Federation of Translators organized its congress in Brisbane, in Australia. Some 750 delegates from all over the world came to the impressive Convention and Exhibition Center to attend several of the 160 presentations related to the profession of translators and interpreters and its recent and future evolution. I proudly accepted the personal invitation of the President of FIT, Henry Liu, to present EU terminology, when we met last year in Geneva.


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The importance of terminology for the quality of translation, especially in view of the vertiginous technological developments, has been stressed by all speakers. In this context, the translators from all countries were very interested in the terminology resources offered for free by the EU Institutions: in the multilingual database IATE with its upcoming new version, in the freely downloadable data from our translation memory database Euramis and from IATE in a CAT-friendly format (TBX) and in the resources shared through the unique public terminology website of the European Institutions,, like the GlossaryLinks and DocHound or the search in all EU-glossaries.


The numerous representatives from academia were also interested in the possibilities offered by the Terminology Coordination of the European Parliament for university projects ending up in IATE and published on its website. My presentation “In Termino Qualitas” focused on the importance of terminology for translation in such a multilingual environment as the EU translation services, which produce texts with the same legal validity in 24 languages. The next FIT Congress will be held in Cuba in 2020.

Written by Rodolfo Maslias, Head of Terminology Coordination at the European Parliament (Luxembourg).

Post prepared by Laura Campan – Translator, Liaison Interpreter and Communication Manager, currently completing a six-month communication internship at the Terminology Unit of the European Parliament (Luxembourg)