Download the multilingual TermFolders!


Today we present to you a new resource that will surely be of interest for translators and terminologists using IATE. Our TermFolders have been updated and users can now download a multilingual Excel file from our website and upload it to their CAT tool. But what is a TermFolder?

Download the multilingual TermFolders banner - Multi Coloured Folders Piled Up

TermFolders are created for all particularly important, and linguistically or terminologically problematic, legislative procedures and packages.

They are prepared by TermCoord for the translators of the European Parliament (EP) on the basis of an early warning procedure about upcoming legislative texts, in cooperation with the political instances of the EP and with the Directorate of Translation. This allows us to extract key or problematic terms from texts relevant to the legislative procedure and to prepare IATE entries for them in English, which are then completed in all other official EU languages by the terminologists of DG TRAD.

By clicking on each TermFolder you will access the list of source terms in English and their relevant IATE ID number. The TermFolders* with an asterisk are the ones containing a downloadable multilingual Excel file with the terms available in other EU official languages.

Please beware that terms may not be available in all languages and that TermFolders do not constitute a comprehensive list of terminology relevant for each legislative procedure, since the TermFolders only deal with key or problematic terms. We encourage checking IATE for other relevant terminology that may not be included in the TermFolder.

You can access all the TermFolders here.

We hope you find this resource useful! Kindly let us know your feedback.

Post prepared by Doris Fernandes del Pozo – Journalist, Translator-Interpreter and former Communication Trainee at the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament.