Terminology Conference at University of Trieste: Terminologia: concepire, compilare, connettere


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The Section of Studies in Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators (SSLMIT) of the University of Trieste (I) organised a conference in Italian focused on the current and future requirements of the labour market for Translators and Interpreters. This was organised for students of the Bachelor degree in Applied Interlinguistic

Communication. All participants, coming from professional associations, Institutions and companies specialising in linguistic tools, stressed the importance of adapting to the new requirements and acquiring the necessary skills in order to cope with the new developments in this profession.

University of Trieste

After the presentation of all of TermCoord’s resources and activities that are of interest to both the professors and students, including traineeships, terminology projects with Universities (also the ones done with the University of Trieste), the tools offered on our website (GlossaryLinks, DocHound, TermFolfers, IATE downloads etc.), I also had the opportunity to repeat in this context the advantages and benefits offered by this specialisation in terminology and its increasing importance for the quality assurance of automated translation and interpretation as a resource to feed CAT and MT software, but also as the most reliable means for post-editing and quality assessment.

Rodolfo Maslias

Trieste conference 2017