Translation and Terminology at Heidelberg University

December 14, 2017 10:05 am

Last week TermCoord’s Violina Stamtcheva held a presentation at the Institute for translation and interpretation at the University of Heidelberg (Germany). The topic of her presentation was “Translation and Translation-oriented Terminology Work at the European Parliament”.

Lecture- Heidelberg University

It gave an oUniversity of Heidelbergverview of the translation workflow in the Directorate General for Translation (DG Trad) describing the complexity of the Violina 1translation job in the EP, pointing out the specific skills one has to acquire in order to work as a translator for any EU institution, particularly the European Parliament. Then she went on describing terminology work in DG Trad with its organisation, problems and achievements, workflows and needs. This part of the presentation was especially interesting for the students as some of them are likely to participate in a terminology project with TermCoord in the framework of cooperation between the institute and TermCoord for IATE projects.

The presentation was met with vivid interest by quite a big audience and the students (from both the bachelor and master degree programmes) also had particular questions about translation and terminology work, traineeships as well as other related topics.

The presentations given during the lecture can be found here and here.

The University of Heidelberg has an ongoing cooperation in terminology with a project in the field of medicine, with a particular focus on Organ Donation.


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