Lessons learned from TermCoord’s terminology interviews in 2017: a collection by Patricia Brenes


With the aim of spreading the word of terminology, and to raise awareness about its importance in both monolingual and multilingual communication, TermCoord publishes interviews with prominent terminologists and linguists focusing on their activities, projects and opinions about interesting terminological issues. The trainees of the Terminology Coordination Unit conduct these interviews, which are then collected in a series of e-books that can be consulted at this link.



The terminologist Patricia Brenes has listed an interesting selection of quotes about some of the core aspects of terminology from the interviews of 2017. Her collection can be seen as a guide to the many experts we interviewed all over the year. As Patricia herself said, “It is very enlightening to read what terminologists around the world have to say; I believe they help us reflect about important terminology issues”.
The list of the quotes and lessons learned presented by Patricia Brenes is available at this link.

You can consult the collection to the lessons learned from TermCoord’s terminology interviews in 2017 at this link, while our complete list of interviews is available here.
The e-books are also published in the EU BookShop.


Written by Carolina Quaranta – Schuman Trainee at the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament. Completed a Master in Public and Political Communication in the University of Torino, Italy; communication specialist and journalist.