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Video Fix: 10 Great American TV shows to improve your English

When it comes to learning a new language, there are many different techniques that one could use in order to improve and achieve their aim of becoming fluent. Some people like to enrol in language classes, while others will tell you that you simply have to engage in conversations with native speakers. There’s also the option of language learning apps or phrase books and dictionaries.

Although these are all viable options, there are still alternatives that certain individuals might find more suitable. For example, some people improve their level of English through watching TV and films.

This method sounds easier than it would prove to be in reality and might not work for everyone, but there’s no denying that it has obvious benefits. Watching a TV series or movie allows viewers with limited English to listen to natural speech without having to engage directly. This can be useful for people who are lacking in confidence or simply don’t have any opportunities to speak English in their everyday life.

For those who have a decent level of English but want to improve, this technique can also be beneficial. Depending on what they choose to watch, they can learn new vocabulary and phrases as well as getting the chance to become accustomed to hearing different accents and dialects.

Do you think this approach to improving your English language skills would work for you? If you’re interested in trying it out, watch the video below for suggestions as to what the best American TV shows for improving English would be. Enjoy!

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