BP 2018 Translators Conference

March 19, 2018 9:30 am

BP 2018
Vienna will be the hub of hundreds of independent translators

The magnificent city of Vienna will play host to an independent meeting of professional freelance translators and interpreters from all over the world.

The B everchanging story

 To understand the aim of the conference, the best way is to retrace the history of the “B”

 B for Budapest

One day, Csaba Bán, a Hungarian translator, was working on massive translation project.
When he finished, he posted his achievement on FB. All those who have ever translated a big project know the feeling of euphoria and relief once the “send” button has been hit. This mixed feeling filled him with enthusiasm and made him set up a brand-new website and announce a translation conference in Budapest, named BP14.

Budapest was the first destination of the “B”.

 B for Business

 Inspired by a conference held in London,  he decided to base the following conference on a simple but effective dichotomy: ­‘Business + Practice’, which later turned into ‘Boosting Productivity’, which was the main aim of  the following BP of Zaghreb 2015.
In this conference Rodolfo Maslias presented the Terminology Management in the European Parliament  and the resources available on  http://termcoord.eu  (read the relevant article) 








Soon this “B” took on several different meanings, with a common aim: being a reference point for all the translators who wish to broaden their contact network, boost their productivity and create a better image.
The “B” the travelled to Budapest again, and now she is ready to explore the Blue Danube.

Vienna’s program at a glance
19th of April: Gartenbaukino

The opening day will start at 9:00, hosting several talks from professional translators on a range of hot topics, such as trans creation, machine translation, web-scraping, team-working, social media strategies and economical translation-related issues.

20th of April: the Ballroom

The second day will be more informative and will host longer sessions. It will take place at Hotel Marriott in central Vienna.
This day will be divided into 50-minute sessions in 2 or 3 parallel tracks.   The conference will start around 9:20 and finish around 17:20.

Networking moments
The main event lasts two days, but each member has the chance to participate in city tours, day trips and gala events, which combine networking, business and leisure.



Written by Flaminia Paternoster

Flaminia holds a Master’s degree in Interpreting and Translation from the UNINT University of Rome, with a research thesis focused on Plurilingual Approaches in teaching languages and translating.
Her research interest include multilingualism, plurilingualism, intercomprehension, translation and terminology. Before joining the Terminological Coordination Unit as a trainee she was teaching Italian in Rome. She speaks Italian, French, Spanish, English and German. She is passionate about words, languages, food and traveling.
You can follow her on twitter at https://twitter.com/flaminiapatern1


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