Video Fix: ‘1000 Bornes’ for World Play Day


“The right of children to rest and leisure, and to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to their age, as well as to participate freely in cultural life and in arts”, article 31 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child states. Sponsored by the International Toy Library Association, World Play Founder Dr. Freda Kim proposed it in 1999, and nowadays over 40 countries around the globe celebrate World Play Day (WPD), which takes place on May 28th.

Accessible to the youngest is the game 1000 Bornes. The term borne is a synonym to kilometer and the title refers to the length of the legendary National 7, the holiday route which connects Paris to Menton and measures 996 km. Check out this short animated film broadcast in the programme Karambolage sur Arte and find out why 1000 Bornes sells much better in France than in Germany!

Written by Víctor Mir – Robert Schuman Communications’ Trainee at TermCoord. Víctor, who hails from Spain, studied in a German School and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting, a University-specific degree in Linguistic Mediation and a Master’s degree in Edition, Production and New Journalistic Technologies


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