Video Fix: Eurovision Song Contest


From just seven entrants viewed in black and white in 1956 to the international extravaganza of modern pop music and outrageous outfits. Once upon a time ABBA, Celine Dion and France Gall performed at the Eurovision Song Contest. Nowadays, Europe’s (in the broadest sense) diversity and a globalised world go hand in hand most of the time. Since the implementation of the free language rule in 1999, countries tend to sing in English more and more, but also in their local language or understandable lyrics. As a ritual, The Eurovision Song Contest gets families and friends together to celebrate.

We encourage you to be a witness of Eurovision’s history by watching 2018’s competition next week. The Grand Final takes place May the 12th in Lisbon. In the meantime, check out this video of all the Eurovision winners.

Written by Víctor Mir Robert Schuman Communications’ Trainee at TermCoord. Víctor, who hails from Spain, studied in a German School and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting, a University-specific degree in Linguistic Mediation and a Master’s degree in Edition, Production and New Journalistic Technologies


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