Video Fix: Polyglot Events


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As recent years have seen a surge in interest for language events in Europe, this week’s edition of Video Fix is presenting some of the most prominent events taking place this year dedicated to bringing together language enthusiasts. In these so-called polyglot events, participants have the opportunity to practice their language skills, share learning techniques, exchange ideas and meet like-minded people. Linguists and polyglots gather in one place for a series of talks and seminars on the challenges and delights of language learning, and crash courses on the language and culture of the host country may be offered as a quick appetizer. The polyglot movement puts language diversity to the fore and invites everyone that has a passion for languages to celebrate multilingualism.

Check out some of the next main events taking place in Europe:




  • Expolingua – Berlin (Germany) – November 16–17, 2018


So, what is going to be your next language learning journey?


Written by Ilie Arnoud da Silva – Study visitor at the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament and student of the Master’s programme in Learning and Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts at the University of Luxembourg.