List of language podcasts for word nerds


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Do you spend your morning commute staring out of the window aimlessly and not knowing what to do with yourself? Well, TermCoord has got you covered!

Here is a great list of top language podcasts that will definitely keep you entertained and informed on your journey to work.

Grammar Girl:

This podcast features great tips about how to use the English language with more precision. Episodes are rarely more than fifteen minutes, meaning that you can fit in at least two great episodes before you start your working day.

Talk the Talk:

Talk the Talk is a weekly show that tackles many important and contemporary topics in the world of linguistics and language, including shows on West African Pidgin English and sign language.

The World in Words:

This informative language podcast, hosted by The World’s Patrick Cox, covers a wide range of topics – from the multilingualism of soccer to the trials and tribulations of being a third culture kid. You’re sure to learn something interesting to discuss with your colleagues when you arrive in the office!

Lexicon Valley

This podcast, which is hosted by American linguist John McWhorter, mainly focuses on topics related to the English language – from pet peeves, syntax, and etymology to neurolinguistics and the death of languages.

The History of English:

This podcast explores the history of the world’s current lingua franca, including episodes on Middle English dialects and romance literature. It also contains more historical-focused topics, which could prove useful in pub quizzes!

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Very Bad Words

What would a podcast list on language be without one on curse words? These episodes discuss swearing and our complex relationship with taboo language.

News in Slow

This podcast for language learners does exactly what it says on the tin, so to speak. Listening to radio snippets in your target language is a great way to speed up the learning process. This podcast takes brief clips of real radio segments and slows them down, allowing you to be able to understand pronunciations and syntax better.

Coffee Break Languages

What could be more productive than spending your coffee break learning a new language? Coffee Break Languages allows you to do just that. The language learning aid, founded by the Radio Lingua Network, is a little pocket of the internet packed full of resources for language learners, including podcasts, ebooks and online materials.

Deutsche Welle

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Well, you soon will if you check out Deutsche Welle’s excellent collection of language learning resources. From local and international news, to fitness and football – there really is something for everyone! Viel spaß!

Compiled by Emma Wynne – Communications Trainee at TermCoord