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Today we start with a series of blog’s recommendations that we hope to post on a weekly basis!

blog reccomendation

Today is the turn of the Spanish blog , its objective is to share content relevant to translation, interpreting, etymology, terminology, localization and language in general. We are happy to say that the author is Olga Jeczmyk, former trainee of the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament. She’s a Translator, Interpreter, Social Media Specialist, Communication and Marketing Manager. She is fluent in Polish, Catalan, Spanish, Italian, French and English.

We’ve been browsing through the posts to leave you with a selection of those we’ve found interesting. Would you like to take a look?



ENGLISH: Multilingual glossary: translation-interpreting hashtags
A list of interesting hashtags to use on different social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) when speaking about translation, terminology, etc.

SPANISH: La importancia de la terminología en los estudios de traducción (The importance of terminology in translation studies)
If you are interested in terminology you should definitely check this post. Not only because it discusses its importance when talking about translation, but because of the bibliography  the author mentions, which could be very useful for those who want to delve deep into this topic.

SPANISH: Qué (no) hacer en un congreso de traducción: 10 sugerencias (What to (not) do in a translation congress: 10 tips)
A post that gathers a series of recommendations, both for speakers and attendees, regarding seminars and conferences on translation. Some tips may seem obvious but… it is good to have if you ever get stuck!

SPANISH: Acabo la carrera de traducción e interpretación ¿y ahora qué?  (I finished my degree in Translation and Interpretation… and now what?)
If you’re about to finish your degree or masters in translation and you’re wondering what to do next… this post gives you some hints of what to expect, how to prepare yourself (and your CV) and what the options are out there. Good luck!!



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