Parthenope University visits TermCoord


Associate Professor of English Literature at the University of Naples “Parthenope”, Raffaella Antinucci, tells us about her experience as a study visitor at the Terminology Unit of the European Parliament in Luxembourg.

I am very grateful I was given the opportunity of spending an exciting week at the Terminology Unit of the European Parliament of Luxembourg, joining in a truly inspiring and collaborative international work environment. My visit was aimed at discussing in detail the terms of the collaboration between the Terminological Unit (TermCoord) and the PhD in “Eurolinguaggi e Terminologie Specialistiche” (“European Languages ​​and Specialized Terminologies”) of the Italian University of Naples “Parthenope” coordinated by Prof. Carolina Diglio (Department of Economic and Legal Studies) and of which doctoral board I am a member.

In particular, during the days of my stay, I was warmly welcomed by Rodolfo Maslias, Head of TermCoord, and worked with all his closest collaborators, both to define the agreement, and to gain an insight into the inner workings of the Unit and of IATE, especially with a view to future study visits and traineeships of our doctoral students. To this end, I was given a workstation and access to the Unit’s internal terminology resources, and invited to attend some of the meetings with the trainees and other members of the staff.

Signing the agreement with TermCoord for a terminology project.

At the end of my week at TermCoord, a general agreement between the Terminology Unit and the Doctorate has been signed, together with a cooperation project for the insertion of terms from the agro-food, maritime and gender terminology domains into the interinstitutional terminology database IATE.

. It was also agreed to work together as a third party with the Spanish University of Vigo on a larger project on fisheries and maritime terminology, in view of a European funding for the creation of a terminological platform of the lexicon of fishing and sea-related activities and for the implementation of the “Terminology without Borders” web page on the model of the existing one concerning medical terminology (“YourTerm Medical”).

Internship opportunities for doctoral students / PhD of Parthenope at TermCoord, both within the framework of the Schuman programme of through the study visit system, have also been discussed. The PhD students in “European Languages and Specialized Terminologies” of Parthenope will begin to contribute regularly to the web page I-ATE Food Term of the Week. Rodolfo Maslias, moreover, has been invited to the University of Naples “Parthenope” to give a doctoral seminar on TermCoord and terminology management at European level in February 2019.

My colleagues at Parthenope, doctoral students and I look forward to working with TermCoord and hope this is the beginning of a lasting and fruitful collaboration.

Drafted by Raffaella Antinucci and edited by Mairead Finlay – Communication Trainee at the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament (Luxembourg). She has studied Translation at the University of Geneva and holds a BA in Politics and French from the University of Bristol.