Video Fix: This is (multilingual) Halloween!

October 28, 2018 10:31 am

The most terrifying date of the year internationally known as “Halloween” is approaching. In many parts of the world, houses will be decorated with pumpkins, spider webs, candles… and the children (but not only children…) will go out into the streets disguised as monsters, witches and vampires. That’s why at TermCoord we’ve decided to dedicate this week to Halloween, which has a lot more to offer than just ghouls and sweets.

As a teaser of what this week will be about, we present you with the following video from the famous movie “Nightmare before Christmas”, in which you can appreciate the song “This is Halloween” sung in over 21 different languages! How many are you able to recognize? Would you be able to write the lyrics of the song in your mother tongue?

We look forward to read your comments!

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