IATE Term of the Week: catch limit

February 15, 2019 10:00 am


As the European Parliament has been debating about fisheries agreements this week, we have chosen catch limit as the IATE term of the week.

After the accession of Spain, several agreements have been established between the EU and Morocco concerning fishery. In 1999, the cooperation was temporarily interrupted because Morocco was worried about the stocks, with this interruption lasting until 2006. Refusing to extend the protocol in 2011, the EU and Morocco agreed on a new version for the period of 2014 -2018 and in October 2018, this was presented. It extends over 4 years and defines the rights of fishery in the West Saharan waters based on essential values, such as the respect of human rights or transparency. The new protocol allows fishing for 128 vessels divided in 6 different categories. Another goal is to protect the fishery resources and prevent illegal fishing. The Parliament discusses this week about this new protocol.  One of the projects by the Termcoord Unit is linked to the term of the week.

TermCoord has started working on a new project on fisheries called “YourTerm Mare” in collaboration with EU and UN agencies, universities and organisations with the aim of creating a multilingual glossary.








Written by Gilles Loran – Student in “Learning and Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts” at the University of Luxembourg



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