TermCoord at the Interpretation Faculty in Germersheim (D)


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On Friday 1st February, the Head of TermCoord was invited by the Department for Translation, Languages and Culture Science of the Gutenberg University Mainz, at the Interpretation faculty in Germersheim. This was to present how European Terminology is managed, the networking activities of TermCoord and the new database IATE.

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The presentation was made in Greek and interpreted into seven languages, as an exercise allowing all students to be informed on the terminology resources offered by termcoord.eu and

the importance of terminology for their work. By the occasion of this visit, launching of a multilingual terminology project with TermCoord has been discussed in order to enrich the translation courses available at Germersheim, with the knowledge on terminology management and research.

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Rodolfo Maslias with Professor Thanassis Tsifis (left) and the interpreters of the Greek booth Maria Freri and Lazaros Ouzounoglou.

Take a look at the presentation here.