Top five articles of the month on terminology



Dear terminologist! Every month we offer you a selection of our favourite articles and blog posts on terminology. This month we are recommending these five articles for an interesting read. We hope that you will find them interesting too!

You can view the articles simply by clicking on the titles below, which will take you to the original posts.

  1. As the United Nations declared 2019 as the International Year of Indigenous Languages, it is only logical to mention some terminology resources pertaining to indigenous peoples accessible by the University of Michigan Library.
  2. Brexit is highly topical, and will remain so in the months to come. Here are some Brexit terms explained.
  3. A sociological approach to terminology: Why terminology and naming is so important in the LGBTQ community,
  4. The future of language professions troubles any one of us, terminologists included, as Neural Machine Translation is advancing (text in FR)
  5. Neologisms (text in IT)


Written by Olga Vamvaka – Terminology trainee at the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament (Luxembourg). She holds a BA in International Relations and Organisations, an MA in Translation, and has worked in language teaching. She speaks Greek, English, Czech and French.