University of Luxembourg and TermCoord


Gilles Loran TermCoord study visit

At the first semester of my Master “Learning and Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural Context”, I chose the class called “Terminology in the EU”. During the seminars, the instructors presented the work of the TermCoord Unit (Terminology Coordination unit). An important aspect why I chose this class was the relation between the theoretical and practical part. After the class at the university, every student had the possibility to register for a 3 weeks study visit at the European Parliament to discover the work of Termcoord in a practical form.

All my colleagues were very friendly and helped me to start my study visit. During the first days, I had the possibility to write an article about food. I took the dish Judd mat Gaardebounen because it is a traditional Luxembourgish plate. After proofreading, my article was published on the TermCoord website under I·ATE Food Term of the Week. My colleagues showed me how to use Canva, a tool to create banners for the articles, as well as Shutterstock and WordPress. It was the first article that I published, which makes me very happy. Other articles about food, multilingualism and important terms used at the European Parliament soon followed. During the study visit, I was also able to create videos and infographics, which were published on TermCoord’s social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook.

For me it was a big opportunity to see how the TermCoord Unit works. I made many new experiences, like creating and publishing my own articles, working in a multilingual setting and using new tools. I am very thankful to all my colleagues for the help and support they gave me. I can recommend a study visit to any student interested in TermCoord.

Written by Gilles Loran – Communication Study Visitor at TermCoord and Student in “Learning and Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts” at the University of Luxembourg.