A Diary of 3 Weeks


Study visits internship in the Terminology Coordination (TermCoord) Unit of the European Parliament is a great opportunity for the students who are pursuing their Master’s degree on Learning and |Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural contexts at the University of Luxembourg. This opportunity is offered to those students who primarily pass the course “Terminology in the EU.” Being an intern for only 3 weeks, I was able to learn and familiarise myself with the coordination of IATE work and the communication activities related to terminology coordination. My diary is based on what I learn and take with me from these 3 weeks internship.

1st week:
During this week, I was welcomed very warmly and introduced to everyone. I found myself in a learning atmosphere where I learnt several things that are related to terminology coordination. Firstly, I learnt how to brainstorm a term in order to constitute a meaningful and fruitful concept which enhanced my border of knowledge and thoughts. Secondly, I was mesmerized to see how the intercommunication system plays a big role with a great deal in communication. Everyone worked as a team that accelerated the speed of the work and its coordination with other colleagues. I developed my understanding of communication management systems by attending in the weekly meeting sessions where the progress of the works is discussed and analysed for further developments. Thirdly, I learnt how to work on websites where articles on term of the week, I-ATE food term of the week and article on a linguistics topic get published.

2nd week
I wrote two articles which were proofread and edited by experts who continuously encouraged and suggested me about how to develop content writing and how to contemplate a term from several perspectives. Even, I learnt how to create a fancy content in order to get it published in the blogs and websites of the Terminology Coordination (TermCoord) Unit of the European Parliament. However, I obtained also some soft skills with digital media and communication management tools such as WordPress, Canva and Trello which broaden my knowledge and enthralled me in order to learn more and develop the communication skills.

3rd week
As the tasks for each week are planned in the beginning of the first working day through an interactive and collaborative meeting session, I interviewed one of the prominent terminologists with the supports of my supervisor during this week. I researched her some works and prepared some questions that are related to terminology. I felt that I became a journalist. However, I believed I worked in a professional environment where I could work as a part of a team. The skills I obtained and developed during these 3 weeks will contribute to my academic study and professional career. I wish I could extend my internship and be a part of the communication team.

Written by Md Shahadat Hossain, a study visitor in communication at the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament (Luxembourg) and a student of the Master’s programme in Learning and Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts at the University of Luxembourg. He holds a Bachelor degree in English Language and Literature, and a Master’s degree also in English Language and Teaching from Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh. He speaks Bangla, English, French, Hindi, Urdu and Arabic.