IATE Term of the Week: Isolationism



Isolationism as a general perspective is when countries are seeking to protect themselves and further their own advancement by not getting into foreign entanglements. In a more specific policy sense, Isolationism is a set of policies that result in non-intervention and avoidance of political, military liaisons that may lead to wars. From an economic point of view, governments usually start adopting isolationist policies, which limit trade. This way of thinking revolves around the idea that by limiting International trade jobs can be kept at home and thereby help the country.

Europe’s Stance to Isolationism

In the plenary session of the 12th of March and with EU elections countdown running (26th of May), the Slovak Prime Minister stressed the need for a long-term EU vision that will move the EU beyond isolationism, protectionism and nationalism and will promote a stronger unity of the EU as a global power.

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker thanked the Slovak government for supporting the European Pillar of Social Rights and echoed Mr Pellegrini’s statement about cooperation, by confirming that Europe must breathe with both its lungs: western and eastern ones.


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Written by Foteini Stathopoulou, Communications Specialist Trainee at the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament and General Coordinator of the Schuman Trainees Committee of Luxembourg.