Termcoord European Election Countdown: Exit Poll


This is the last post of our Termcoord European Election Countdown, as it is the last day of the European elections. Today, the polls have opened in 21 of the 28 EU countries. The citizens of the other seven EU states already had the chance to cast their votes on one of the last couple of days.

Do not miss this chance to make your voice heard. How about taking your friends and family on a nice Sunday stroll to the poll? Whether it is sunny or rainy, where you are right now, go and vote because every vote counts.

To create projections for the election results exit polls are used. People are asked about their opinion right after voting. Etymologically, the term poll is probably a borrowing of the Dutch word pol, which means crown of head, among other meanings. The meaning here references to the practice when voters where counted per head or by show of hands.

The first exit polls, national results, and seat projections will be published today after 18:00 GMT +2 and after 20:15 GMT+2 the first projection of the composition of the European Parliament will be available and continuously updated at election-results.eu . There will be live coverage of the latest developments of the election at european-elections.eu/news with photos, videos, reaction etc.


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Written by Annemarie Menger – Communication Trainee at the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament (Luxembourg) and a student of the Master’s Program in Learning and Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts at the University of Luxembourg. She holds a teacher’s degree in the form of the First German State Examination for Elementary Education, a BA in Cultural Basic Skills and an additional degree in Global Systems and Intercultural Competence from the University of Würzburg.