Termcoord European Election Countdown: Political Parties


It might seem difficult to understand how our national Political Parties fit in the European elections but once you get an idea of how the organisation of all the groups work, it will be easy to see it is simpler than it seems.

To get an overview into the details of the political Parties of the European Parliament, check out the following video:

All types of political views get to be represented at the European Parliament through mainly eight political parties. These parties are organised by groups, which are divided by the different political ideologies; not by nationality. These political groups require a minimum of 25 members to have representation and every group has its own chair, vice chairs, bureau and secretariat. The members may not belong to more than one political group but some member do not belong to any political groups and are known as non-attached members.

Latest projection of seats (inner circle)

The representation of the political groups in the hemicycle is from left to right. The seats assigned to the members in the chamber are decided by political affiliation with previous agreement by the group of chairpersons. Before every vote in the plenary, the political groups scrutinise the reports presented by the parliamentary committees and discuss possible amendments. The position adopted by the political groups is agreed on previously within the groups themselves, so no member is forced to vote in a particular way.

Do you want to know more about the eight political groups? Please click here.


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Written by Maria Blanca Escudero Fontan, trainee in the Direction of the Directorate B. Graduated with a BA in Translation and Interpretation (uVigo) and a Masters in International Studies (USC, Galicia).