ISIT Paris: Master theses and collaboration with TermCoord


The Faculty ISIT, Intercultural School, of Paris has a close collaboration with TermCoord in terminology. This year, two groups of students has worked together with us. One group took as a basis some of the interviews with terminologists from the e-book series “Why is Terminology your Passion” and, using elaborated academic criteria, translated these into French under the title: “Racontez-moi la terminologie…”. This collection is now published as a separate e-book in the relevant section of and will be also published in the EU Open Data Portal.

The second group of students worked on a terminology project on the topic of “Smart Cities” from English into French, which is now accessible in the section of the University Projects . The terms will be validated by the terminologists of the French Translation Unit of the European Parliament and inserted into IATE.

The tutor of both theses was Prof. Pascale Elbaz.

On Monday 27th May 2019, the Head of TermCoord, Rodolfo Maslias, participated in the jury for the defence of the two theses and gave afterwards a conference organised by ISIT focused on the management of terminology in the European Parliament and the European Institutions, on the new version of IATE, on the efforts to connect terminology with the neural machine translation and on the new series of projects “Terminology without Borders” addressed to the civil society in which ISIT will also participate.

The students write about their methodology:

The e-book Tell Me about Terminology was created within the framework of the ISIT Master’s Degree program in Intercultural Communication and Translation. The students performed the translation of the thirteen interviews they conducted with recognized terminologists – hosted on the website of TermCoord- under the direction of Pascale Elbaz. This process, allowed them to work closely with specialists and deepen their knowledge in terminology and general terminological issues.

As part of our Applied Research Project (ARP) at ISIT, we carried out a terminology project for TermCoord. Our objective was to produce a series of 30 terminology records in French and English on the theme of “smart cities”, in order to integrate them into the IATE platform. According to IATE, a “smart city” is a city that uses information and communication technologies to consume less energy than conventional cities and encourages residents to adopt better energy behaviour through integrated systems. Our objectives in creating terminology records on this subject were first of all to better understand this innovative and poorly documented concept in France. Furthermore, due to the recent appearance of the phenomenon, there is still a certain lack of clarity in terminology. We therefore wanted to contribute to the standardization and harmonization of terminology on this subject.

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