New Publication in TermCoord’s Theses & Papers section


The newest work published in TermCoord’s Theses & Papers section is the Master thesis “Translation of Financial Methaphors in Legislative Acts of the European Institutions” by Daniela Loghin. Below you find the abstract of the thesis:

This thesis looks at the translation of the financial metaphors from English into Romanian. The metaphors analysed were extracted from a parallel corpus formed by 15 documents and their translation published at different European institutions. The data was gathered during my study visit at the TermCoord, which took place from February 1st to February 28th 2019. The metaphors extracted are further classified in three groups according to Lakoff and Johnson’s (1980) conceptual metaphor theory. The main objective is to understand which procedures from Vinay and Darbelnet’s (1958) model are applied the most in the process of translation, whether the metaphorical element is kept and if the equivalent effect is achieved. The results have shown that there is a general tendency to use procedures belonging to the strategy of oblique translation, with explicitation prevailing. In most of the cases a process of demetaphorisation can be noticed, in some examples the conceptual metaphor is kept and in a few cases the metaphorical element is kept, while the conceptual metaphor is changed. The equivalent effect is easiest to achieve when the terms in Source Language (SL) and Target Language (TL) belong to the same conceptual domain, but equivalence is also possible through changing the conceptual domain and/or demetaphorisation.
While doing the research I noticed that some of the metaphors extracted were terms that were missing in Interactive Terminology for Europe (IATE) and I decided to introduce them. Therefore, this work also resulted in 10 new terms that were added in the database.

You can find the thesis here. If you want to read more interesting research, check out the Theses & Papers section.

Written by Daniela Loghin