I am currently a student at the University of Luxembourg, where I am doing a Master in Learning and Communication in Multilingual Context. I thoroughly enjoyed the three weeks of the study visit I did at TermCoord in the communication team at the European Parliament. Now I have a very valuable experience under my belt.

We all know that practical experience is the best and the three weeks I had there were a great benefit for me because it gave me the hands-on experience I needed.

Talking about one of the benefits I gained being there, this study visit contributed to develop some additional skills that I could not have in the classroom. Skills such as multitasking, communicating, and editing. I also learned how to work well in a team, especially when I was surrounded with great, nice, friendly, and welcoming people. I felt like being at home,  thanks for the  warm and caring welcome, and also for the support and attention you gave me by assisting me in whatever I needed.

During this study visit period, I had the chance to join several meetings: the intern’s communication team meeting where I learned more about the operation of the communication team. I also had the opportunity to take part in another meeting with the Multilingualism Unit of the European Parliament where I met new people and had the chance to talk to them.

I learned how to publish articles, how to create banners to make the articles look more attractive. Familiarizing myself with Canva and Shutterstock, helped me to create my own banner and to choose beautiful images to illustrate the articles I wrote. I also learned how to share content like the VideoFix and the IATE Term of the Week on social media.

In my opinion the best way to learn is learning by doing. I am so grateful to the Course Director Ingride De Saint -Georges, to the coordinator of the Termcood Unit Mr. Rodolfo Masilias for giving me this great opportunity. I enjoyed the enriching experience and knowledge I gained there. I will never forget the three weeks of the study visit I had at the European Parliament.

Written by Arline Sonita TCHAGNANG – Study visitor at the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European  Parliament, Luxembourg. She is currently is a student in the trilingual Master in Learning and Communication In Multilingual and Multicultural Context.