Video-Fix: Lingua Franca- meeting each other halfway

October 6, 2019 10:57 am


Welcome back to our Sunday appointment! The video of this week introduces us to the Lingua Franca, a mediation language which usually flourish tanks to the contact between populations. Since neighbour nations have very often similar languages, the Lingua Franca results in a sort of fusion between them. In other cases they embed words coming from a very wide region, like in the case of the Mediterranean Lingua Franca, where the mercantile traffics compelled people to find an alternative way to communicate.



Selected and introduced by Cosimo Palma

I studied philosophy, historical philosophy, philosophical history and history in the redundant Naples, computational linguistics and informatics in the city of Marx.
Language enthusiast and chess player in my free time, until the end of September I will spend my busy time in the Tower A of the European Parliament in Luxembourg, trying to do my best in the IT as well as in the Communication department of the Terminology unit.

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