Termcoord in the conference “Translating and the Computer”


translating and computer conferenceThe Association ASLING specialised in language and technology has a long tradition in organising conferences called “Translating and the Computer” for the networking of international institutions, academia and industry. On the 21st and 22nd November 2019 I attended the 41st edition and presented the coordination of terminology in the European institutions as well as the new projects of TermCoord adapted to the new challenges of the European Parliament and its Directorate General for Translation. These challenges consist in addressing the citizens in clear language using also a different kind of terminology, the so-called lay, clear or plain terminology. I presented the new program “Terminology without Borders” run in collaboration with universities and international organisations.

asling conference

More than hundred participants discussed during these two days about the technological progress in our profession and the connection of terminology with the new methods of machine translation has been a key point in all presentations and debates. Language technology specialists from several universities presented studies and surveys about quality assurance, post editing, interlinking of terminology with CAT tools and neural machine translation. An interesting topic has also been the importance of communication and collaborative platforms. Worth to be highlighted in this context is for example the statement of the representative of OECD that the extended use of their terminology portal by all translators and drafters in the OECD has substantially improved the quality of originals and translations. In the same session with the European Parliament, the Publication Office of the EU presented a common project with the International Labour Organisation about the systematic integration of semantics and meta data. You can access here the full program as well as the abstracts and the slides presented in the conference.

aslingThe conference offered the occasion to discuss about TermCoord’s cooperation  with several universities concerning several (already running) common projects like the ones with the University ISIT of Paris and the IONIAN University of Corfu and also others with international organisations like the one with the  International Maritime Organisation aiming at a common presentation of the terminology project MARE on Fisheries and Maritime Law at the next JIAMCATT Conference to be hosted by them in April 2020 in London.

Take a look at the presentation here.

RodolfoWritten by Rodolfo Maslias, Head of the Terminology Coordination Unit.