Institutional Translation and Interpretation from a disciplinary perspective


Rodolfo Maslias presentingTermCoord had been invited to the VII Coloquio Lucentino, organized by the Department of Translation of the University of Alicante on 28-29 November. The new trends of institutional and legal translation were in the focus of the presentations and discussions. The EU was represented also by colleagues from the Council, the Court of Justice and the EUIPO agency based in Alicante (see detailed programme). Translation methodology and statistics i.a. in the EU Institutions was the subject of talks of other participants as well, like the “Legal Radiography of Translation in the International Organisations”, presented by the President of Transius, Fernando Prieto Ramos, professor at the University of Geneva.

My presentation was particularly focused on the several possibilities offered by TermCoord to universities for a collaboration on terminology projects: either on the ones directly related to IATE or the ones in the framework of “Terminology without Borders”, containing also lay terminology to support translation in clear language for specific audiences in the fields of medicine, fisheries, culture, education and women rights protection.

Alicante view from seatThe very well organized two-day conference in the very large and beautiful campus of the University of Alicante was an excellent occasion for networking with academia, with many arrangements for collaboration between TermCoord, professors willing to run terminology projects with their students and departments willing to offer their expertise for their revision and validation.

You can check out the presentation here.

RodolfoWritten by Rodolfo Maslias, Head of the Terminology Coordination Unit.