Prize «Translating Cultures» 2019


Prize «Translating Cultures» 2019The Heads of TermCoord Rodolfo Maslias and of the Hungarian Translation Jozsef Villanyi, both members of the team of the European Parliament teaching « Translation and Terminology » in the Communication Master of the University of Luxembourg, awarded on the 12 December 2019 the prize « Translating Cultures » to Daniela Loghin and Veronika Lovritš for their brilliant theses dedicated to terminology and done in close cooperation with TermCoord. prize-minThe prize is financed by the fees that the members of the teaching team offer to  the University of Luxembourg since 2013. The course of a total of 35 hours is selected by more than 30 students who are offered the opportunity to do their credited internship  in the Terminology Coordination Unit spending some weeks as study visitors. They are given this way the possibility to know the importance of multilingualism and terminology for the EU and its legislative process in 24 languages and to get familiar with the working environment of a big international organisation.