Catholic University of Lille Finishes University Project on Public Procurement

University of Lille university project public procurement feature

The latest university project for IATE has concluded and the Catholic University of Lille is behind the completion. The participants, Francesca Bisiani and her law students from the Catholic University of Lille – FLD in Paris, found terms in the area of Public Procurement for IATE. The project was conducted in French and Spanish. This was the Catholic University of Lille – FLD and Francesca Bisiani’s second project in collaboration with TermCoord.

This project focused once again on law terminology, “The aim of this cooperative work between TermCoord and the Law department of the FLD in Paris was to introduce law students to the terminology research. The project deals with the terminology of public procurement and allowed students to conduct analysis in French and Spanish. In addition, the students were able to reason about the link between law and language and the importance this has in the European legal construction”.

Since 2012, TermCoord has cooperated with terminology and language departments of universities on terminology projects for feeding IATE. The projects have involved universities that teach terminology in the framework of a bachelor or master course.

The students work on terminology projects, following the requirements for IATE terminology work and the respective guidelines, researching and documenting terms in the target language, which is their native language (among the official languages of the EU), or the language of the university course, based on one of the main source language – English. The students benefit from the project as they get the opportunity to gain hands-on terminology experience and to contribute to the EU terminology database. European Parliament terminologists verify the findings and those found to be of good quality are inserted into IATE.

You can find the Catholic University of Lille’s university project on Public Procurement by following the link.

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