Video-Fix: European Council – Croatian Presidency

Video fix Croation Presidency feature

Video fix Croation PresidencyEvery six months, the European Council, or the Council of the European Union, changes presidency. Every EU member state gets to sit for a period of six months where they manage meetings of the Council. In our Video-Fix for this week, we hear what it means to hold the presidency and what it means for the Croatian EU interpreters.

In the video, we follow the Croatian interpreters in the EU as they discover Croatia and their upcoming presidency. The interpreters tell us about their interest in the Croatian language as we follow them through professional endeavours and cultural sightseeing in the Croatian country. See to the end to get some tips for great Croatian food!

You can read more about the Council presidency and learn more about the Croatian presidency for the first six months of 2020 on the European Council’s website.

TermCoord is actively working on terminology with the Croatian translators and interpreters. The Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics has a high quality Croatian terminology database at their disposal called Struna.

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