feature of TERMQA

Our very talented colleague Tamás Schlemmer, translator in the Hungarian Translation Unit of the European Parliament, has developed some very interesting terminology tools. He has made them available on the following webpage, which he has kindly agreed to share with all of you:


  1. TermQA Checker

The application provides an automated way of verifying the use of source and target language terms in a bilingual document. Users only need to provide a bilingual termlist (as a simple .csv file) and a bilingual document (CELEX number or .tmx file), and the application collects and returns as an .html file all paragraphs (for EUR-Lex) / segments (for .tmx) where both or any of the given terms is used. Each term pair is also checked in IATE, and IATE lookup information is also provided in the generated .html file. The application uses exact string matching, meaning that it is language-independent and may be used with any language combination.

The solution may be used, for example, for post-adoption terminology checks, checking of terminology consistency within a document etc.

The original term list has to be prepared manually, depending on what needs to be checked. Or, for post-adoption checks, it can be prepared using the second tool, by extracting only the defined terms from a proposal in order to compare them with the terms used in the final adopted text.

You can test the programme by uploading your term list (in csv format) and the tmx file of your chosen document (retrievable from Euramis). Please note that the report generated here will not include IATE check (as a new IATE checking mechanism will be developed using IATE’s new batch term search feature, instead querying the terms one by one). You can also download some sample files to try the programme with.

2) Monolingual Term Checker

This tool can check whether given terms (provided in Excel) occur in a given text (provided in .txt format), generating a report listing the terms that appear and that do not appear in the text from the list.

3) EU Defined Terms

From this page you can download (in EN-HU language combination) terms defined in directives and regulations, in Excel and sdltb format.

4) DefTerm Extractor

This programme can retrieve the terms defined in EU legislative acts, together with their definition in the source and target language and with the indication of the CELEX number.

You can also download some sample files to try the programme.