New University Projects with Ionian University of Greece

Ionian University for IATE feature

The collaboration with the Ionian University of Greece resulted into another successful terminology project, this time about Brexit, Korea Crisis, Cyclic Economy and Waste Reduction, Disinformation and Cybersecurity, Inequality, Terrorism and Youth Empowerment. In addition, three more groups of students worked on already existing subject areas on TermCoord’s platform for University Projects, i.e. Industrial Manufacturing (University of Applied Science Upper Austria), Judicial and Court System and Organ Donation (both: University of Heidelberg), which provided them with German concepts. 

This project was conducted by students of the German section of the Department of Languages, Translation and Interpreting of the Ionian University (DFLTI), Corfu, Greece. It fostered a two-fold aim: to familiarize the students with terminology and the production of bilingual term glossaries while at the same time contribute to the enrichment of the IATE data base with reliable and well-documented terms on the basis of the language pair German-Greek. At the end, the work on the ten German-Greek term glossaries, which include definitions, definition references, contexts and context references, yielded all together 338 Greek new target terms.

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