TRADivarius July 2020

TRADivarius July 2020 feature

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The summer issue of DG Trad’s TRADivarius newsletter is out! This time, the newsletter features an article about TermCoord’s “Terminology without Borders” project.

Terminology without Borders is an ongoing non-profit project, which combines the expertise of institutions, freelance language professionals, and universities. The article provides readers with an overview of the project, which was launched to enhance clear communication by creating multilingual terminology glossaries tailored to citizens’ needs. The article also describes the project’s five domains, CULT (culture), EDU (education), FEM (women’s rights), MARE (the maritime industry), and MED (medicine), as well as the current state of activities.

You can read the TRADivarius newsletter here and check out the Terminology without Borders project website here!