Criminal Law Glossary – Arrest and Detention


Criminal law lexica are crucial for legal translators, criminal lawyers and all the legal players in the international criminal terminology arena require an updated lexicon with the specific terminology.

This terminology drafted at the research unit of the Saint Bonaface University in Canada remedies any ambiguities. A discrepancy in the translation could be used in the other party’s interest, which in certain and extreme cases could prove to be catastrophic.

Arrest and custody warrants and the related criminal terminology in English are comprehensively enumerated in this chronological and non-exhaustive list. It must be emphasized that the law is not static and a lexicon must expand accordingly to respect this momentum.

As a translator, a lexicon that is regularly updated is a necessary tool for an accurate and quality translation that can be relied upon by any court, authority or legal professional.

The related glossary is available here. We also invite you to visit our Glossary Links page.


Written by Jane Kochanski

Translator for the Paris Court of Appeal since 2017 and a legal translator since the year 2000, I have significant experience in both international law firms, companies and as a self-employed translator. I am fully bilingual French-English, with dual nationality. When I am not translating or proofreading legal documents, my other interests include piano, running, tennis. I also have an avid interest in animals.