Our Meeting with the University of Moscow

Meeting with the University of Moscow

The Project Office for International Cooperation at the Moscow State University of Linguistics has recently been in active contact with colleagues from the Terminology Coordination Unit of the Directorate General for Translation of the European Parliament. This structure of the European Union is headquartered in Luxembourg. As part of their activities they cooperate with universities on the projects “Terminology without Borders” for which they created a website called YourTerm (https://yourterm.org). The project contains different thematic areas and different possibilities of structuring terminology projects.

On January 20, the MSLU held the first coordination meeting about the project. The meeting was attended by Professor Olga Egorova, Director of the International Cooperation Project Office, Ekaterina Pokholkova, Dean of the Translation Department, and Alexander Elizarov, Lecturer in Terminology of the Translation Department. At the coordination meeting, a scheme of cooperation in the second semester of the current academic year was determined. Under this scheme, several groups of transfer students will complete terminology projects on various topics.

This will be only the first phase of cooperation with the European Parliament. The following stages of cooperation were also discussed at the meeting, which will include internships for MSLU students and professors in Luxembourg, master’s theses under the supervision of European Parliament experts and other projects. Our thanks go to our colleagues at the European Parliament and, above all, to Rodolfo Maslias, head of the Terminology Coordination Unit and to his colleagues Marina Niceforo and Diandra Falchieri. In this meeting it was decided that MSLU would become a partner of the Terminology Coordination of the European Parliament regarding terminology work in Russian.

The Russian version of the article is available on the website of the Moscow State Linguistic University.