Video-Fix: Typographic Terminology

Video-Fix: Typographic Terminology

Welcome, terminology lovers! If you follow the work of the Terminology Coordination Unit, you will instantly realize that this week’s video-fix fits our style perfectly. We are learning new terms from a fascinating field today while talking about letters and writing styles. How great is that? With this video created by The Futur, we are taking our first steps in the language of design. Do you want to join?

As we read in the Cambridge Dictionary, typography is “the design of the writing in a piece of printing or on a computer screen”. Before you jump into the terminology regarding single letters, we should learn two general terms that you have probably heard about. Do you know what the difference between a font and a typeface is? According to Martin Silvertant, “A typeface is the collective name of a family of related fonts (such as Times New Roman), while fonts refer to the weights, widths, and styles that constitute a typeface (such as Times New Roman Regular, Italic, Bold, etc.)”. Typographic Terminology can be complicated, but we are sure you are now ready to learn how single letters are built. Enjoy the video!


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Magda Sikorska

Written by Magdalena Sikorska. She holds a Bachelor in Italian Language and Literature as well as master’s degrees in Journalism and Social Communication and Polish Philology.