La ressource FAIRterm


A new article on FAIRterm, written by Federica Vezzani, researcher at the University of Padua, has been published on the Synergies Italie Journal (No. 17, 2021).

In the context of linguistic engineering, this paper describes the FAIRterm Web Application as a new terminological product developed to support pedagogical practice and professionalization in specialized translation.

The FAIRterm resource, currently in use for numerous YourTerm projects (see also the ToolBox web page), is configured as a tool for the compilation of multilingual terminological records in order to assist the process of decoding and transcoding of the terminology for a given domain. The tool is designed according to the “FAIR Terminology” paradigm based on the application of the ISO standards currently in force in terms of terminology management in order to favor findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable terminological data. The WebApp currently supports the 24 official EU languages, plus Turkish and Russian.

This paper, written in French, is entitled La ressource FAIRterm : entre pratique pédagogique et professionnalisation en traduction spécialisée and is freely accessible. In particular, the study describes a didactic experiment conducted with a group of students of the master’s degree in Modern Languages for International Communication and Cooperation of the University of Padua. The excellent work of all the participants led to the compilation of more than 3000 bilingual terminological records (Italian-French) for the enology domain. These terminological data are now included in the framework of the YourTerm FOOD project (Vitiviniculture subproject) and available for consultation.