My House of European History: Together apart. Mobility in times of COVID-19


My House of European History hosts a very interesting event on March 12, 2022 about the impact of the pandemic on people’s ability to move freely.

Two years after the World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 a pandemic, fifteen people from Italy, Romania and Sweden, at different stages of their lives, take the floor and share with us how lockdown and restrictions changed their daily lives…

Artists, doctors, grocery store and supermarket workers, parents, senior citizens, students and teachers explore the sense of togetherness in times of crisis and reflect on what kept us apart and what bound us together. What do their experiences have in common? Where do they differ? What is their biggest takeaway from the pandemic?

Screenings of their 10-minute interviews are taking place for visitors to the 6th floor of the House of European History permanent exhibition in Brussels.

Saturday, 12 March 2022, from 10:00 to 18:00

House of European History

This drop-in activity is part of the project ‘Together apart. Mobility in times of COVID-19’, a collection of testimonies about how different people experienced the pandemic and especially how it impacted their ability to move freely. It is a project developed jointly by the European Parliament’s ‘My House of European History’ online platform, managed by our DG, and the House of European History

At 14:30 you are invited you to follow the online presentation and discussion about the ‘Together apart. Mobility in times of COVID-19’ project.

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Stay with us to meet the citizens who shared their valuable testimonies and the team behind the project! The online discussion will be held in English.

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