The Ocean and Seas Conservation glossary obtains its first terms


ENVI is one of the available domains of the Terminology without Borders project, and it concerns environmental matters and issues. It currently includes six sub-domains, one of them being Ocean and Seas Conservation. This sub-domain concerns the very important and sensitive topic of the conservation of the marine environment, which is of pivotal importance for the future of our planet.

The SSML Carlo Bo Institute of Rome has contributed to the Ocean and Seas Conservation sub-project in a remarkable way. Based on the English source terms, the Italian Institute provided us with 95 Spanish terms and 95 Italian terms.

This is the first contribution to the Ocean and Seas Conservation sub-domain. The glossary includes terminology related to science, chemistry, biology, international law and policy-making, as the field of Environment includes all of these other sub-domains of human activity. Since Ocean and Seas Conservation is a very wide and multidisciplinary sub-domain covering numerous current and modern topics, it is essential that this terminology is available in all languages.

Francesco Saina, professor at the SSML Carlo Bo, and his seven students from the Translation, Terminology, and Language Technology course have created a total of 190 terminological records which resulted from the terminological research they conducted in order to determine the Spanish and Italian equivalents of the given English terms.

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Written by Toffee Eleni Vanelli

Born in Cyprus in 1997 and living in Italy since 2002, Toffee’s bi-cultural background has determined the development of her interest in the world’s linguistic and cultural differences, which she enhanced by choosing a linguistic-based career path. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Mediation (University of Udine) and a Master’s degree in Modern Languages for Communication and International Cooperation (University of Padua); she fluently speaks Italian, English and French, and she has some knowledge of Greek, German and Spanish. Toffee has also engaged in Specialized Translation and Terminology. Especially during her Master’s degree, she has deepened her knowledge, competences and interests in the world of Terminology and the European Union law. She participated in numerous (inter)national Translation and Terminology projects, such as the European Terminology without Borders project in 2020 and 2021.