New Platform for Georgian Online Terminological Dictionaries and Multilingual Dictionary Management System

Georgia Collaboration

We have started a new cooperation with the University of Tbilisi and the Bureau of Translation of International Agreements of the

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia in several domains of Terminology without Borders. Several resources will be published shortly

in the respective resources section of the Terminology Without Borders website. For instance, the paper of the professor Tinatin Margalitadze “New Platform for Georgian Online Terminological Dictionaries and Multilingual Dictionary Management System”, presented at the EURALEX Congress in 2018 in Ljubljana.

You can get a glimpse of the paper by reading the abstract below:


The English-Russian-Georgian Technical Online Dictionary is the first ‘digitally born’ online dictionary of Georgian, created in a Multilingual Dictionary Management System (MDMS), specially developed for this project. The Technical Dictionary is the third specialized dictionary created by the same lexicographic team since 2009 (after the English-Georgian Biology Online Dictionary and English-Georgian Military Online Dictionary). Work on specialized vocabulary of different domains has revealed that terminology has evolved, particularly during the last 10 – 15 years. The traditional, standard requirements for monosemy and mononymy are not always observed in actual terminological work. There are numerous instances of terminological synonymy, many terms are polysemous, frequently developed as a result of metaphorical change of the primary meaning; there are many multiword terms consisting of two, three or even more words, giving rise to numerous terminological abbreviations; synonymous terms may belong to different stylistic registers, which requires the introduction of some stylistic labels in terminological entries. Rapid development of science and technology in the 21st century caused the appearance of an abundance of new concepts and consequently new terms. The resulting influx of new terminology into the Georgian language dictates the necessity to provide definitions of such terms alongside their Georgian equivalents. Introduction of collocations and examples of usage of terms is another issue that comes to the foreground of lexicograph[1]ic description of terms. These observations about modern terminology, which is discussed in the first part of the paper, became the basis for the development of a new platform for English-Georgian online bilingual terminological dictionaries and MDMS, as outline din this paper.

Keywords: structural and semantic characteristics of modern terminology, Multilingual Dictionary Management System, a platform for English-Georgian online bilingual terminological dictionaries

Click on the link here in order to read the full paper.

In addition, the professor and her team have worked on multiple online dictionaries. You can find the links below:

  1. Comprehensive English-Georgian Online Dictionary (over 100 000 entries)
  2. English-Georgian Learner’s Dictionary (30 000 entries)
  3. English-Russian-Georgian Technical Online Dictionary (20 000 entries)
  4. English-Georgian Biology Online Dictionary (23 000 entries)
  5. English-Georgian Military Online Dictionary (10 000 entries)
  6. English-Georgian Parallel Corpus (including sub-corpus of scientific texts)

Written by Ioanna Mavridou