I-ATE Food Term of the Week: Buñuelos


The buñuelos of Valencia are typical sweets from the region of Valencia in Spain. If they are not famous outside of Spain, they are recognized all over the country as the “fallas” typical dish. Usually compared to the very renowned churros, eaten all over the world, the buñuelos are very different in terms of shape and texture. In a round shape and way smaller than the churros, they can be done very quickly and very easily. However, there are some variations in the recipe and the colour and shape can vary of course. 

Historically, the first people to eat this dish were called the Moorish and were mostly living in the South of Spain. The Valencians later adopted it and made this specialty their own. That’s why, when you stroll through the streets of Valencia during the fallas period, in March, you can smell the delicious smell of the buñuelos left in the oil until they are served to you. They are made of wheat and pumpkin flour and of course they are fried and therefore very greasy. Whether you want to taste it from a local stand, that you can find almost at every corner of the city or from one of the Valencia’s historical places, you will find your happiness. No matter which option you choose, you should never leave the hot chocolate behind. You will be treated with a cup of hot chocolate in which you can soak your buñuelos and enjoy the mix!

The fallas are a traditional holiday, celebrated every year in the first days of March in the Valencian region. Monuments, which look like statues are displayed all over the city before being burnt on the very last day of the celebration. The origins date back from the Middle Ages and are a way to celebrate the arrival of Spring. In 2016, the Fallas were recognized by the UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage.

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Another tip, if you plan to try the buñuelos, make sure you don’t eat a very heavy meal before or you will not be able to enjoy it as you should! If, by any chance you are in Valencia in March, make sure you attend the fallas and check all the beautiful statues before they are burnt while eating some delicious buñuelos! 

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Written by Cécile Mayeres

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