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Thanksgiving cheer

November to those in the United States means two things, Black Friday shopping and Thanksgiving dinner. On every 4th Thursday in November, Americans gather with their family members and give thanks for the good things in their lives, usually paired with a delicious family meal.

The turkey eaten at Thanksgiving has become a staple part of US culture, with US Presidents even taking part in a tradition where a turkey is 鈥減ardoned鈥 (this year the lucky turkeys were named 鈥楥hocolate鈥 and 鈥楥hip鈥). An important but somewhat overlooked part of this turkey tradition, though, is the stuffing.

Stuffing, often also referred to as 鈥渄ressing鈥, is a delicious mixture of bread, spices, and vegetables. Small bread chunks are combined with chopped celery and onions that have been cooked with vegetable or chicken broth, and seasonings like rosemary, sage, thyme and garlic. The whole dish comes together with the addition of eggs, salt, and vinegar.

The name 鈥渟tuffing鈥 is due to the fact that it is traditionally stuffed into the animal before it is cooked. This cooking method allows the stuffing to soak in all of the flavors of the meat, turning into a wonderfully tasty side dish. The tradition is, of course, to stuff a turkey, but families have been known to serve stuffed chicken or even ham.

While some families stick with the traditional way of stuffing the animal and cooking the mixture along with the meat, others choose to put it in a separate dish and cook it on a stovetop or in the oven. The ingredients used to make stuffing are another way that families around the country take their own twist on the Thanksgiving delicacy.

Southerners in the USA, for example, switch the bread or breadcrumbs out for cornbread in their traditional stuffing, while those in the New England area add oysters. The Pennsylvania Dutch even call it 鈥渇illing鈥, with their 鈥減otato filling鈥 being synonymous with the region.

Stuffing around the World

It is no surprise that stuffing is just as popular in Europe as it is in the United States. The first written record of a stuffing recipe comes from a Roman cookbook, after all. Known as farce in French, stuffing is an important part of the French Christmas. The same can be said about Germany and their affinity for F眉llung. Eaten during German Thanksgiving, Erntedankfest, as well as Christmas, the methods of stuffing resemble those you can see on the other side of the Atlantic. A flavorful broth and the lovely mixture of herbs and bread make European stuffing delicious.

Love it or hate it, stuffing is a major part of holiday traditions around the world. As we approach the winter holidays in Europe, remember not to stuff yourself too much with turkey or chicken, but to save a spot on your dinner plate for the true star of the meal.


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Written by Margaly Monelus

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